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    Vintage Electric watches

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum,
    I recently developed an interest in electric watches to go alongside my fairly long standing addiction to mechanical ones!
    Until recently I was under the impression we went from mechanical to quartz, i never knew there was anything as interesting as Electric watches.
    I do not own any as yet but would be very interested in seeing what anyone else has got and also would be verykeen to learn of any inherent pitfalls of their mechanisms.

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    Re: Vintage Electric watches

    Right forum.

    I've had a couple, but decided to stick to mechanical watches to stay focused (well, a bit focused ).

    This has a lot of info:

    The Electric Watch Web Site! Early Electric, Electronic and Tuning Fork Watches

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    Re: Vintage Electric watches

    Electric watches were a solution to the problem of 'winding'. People thought not winding a watch was a major advancement so Automatics did well when introduced. However, if they weren't worn consistently they wound down. But with a battery powered electric, the watch would run for a year or two... a 'major improvement'.

    I have started collecting them (and just got in yesterday a NOS ladies electric sold by Sears). All have a balance wheel regulation scheme but varied on how the mainspring was replaced. I did a full write-up on a Timex Electric Caliber 870, one of the last and one of the most interesting. The search function says it is HERE.
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    Re: Vintage Electric watches

    I've been collecting Bulova Accutrons and Hamilton Electrics for years.
    These are affordable classics. I no longer have any Hamilton Electrics, but still have some Accutrons. These were some of the finest American watches ever made.

    There are some good websites for information and resources. PM me if you'd like some
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