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    Vintage Garel

    Hi,for a few weeks ago i went trough the old chest of my late granfather and found a quite innteresting watch.
    its called Garel and under its written 21 rubies at the bottom it sais automatic incabloc,my guess is that it from the 60 but have no idea,been to several watchmakers in oslo but non have heard of it ,but they al agreed that it was a well made watch,also its chronograpic
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Size:  62.9 KBHope any of you guys can help me figure out what this is,thankfull for any inputt

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    Re: Vintage Garel

    The dial and bulging back indicate a 60s early automatic. It was a good watch in its day. Small brands like this are often just as good as some of the major known brands with similar casing, dial, and movement technologies. But they were never supported with the marketing alure and history so their market value is surprisingly low considering what you get. It is well worth preserving with a good service.
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    Re: Vintage Garel

    The red date ring is quite characteristic of - although not exclusive to - Adolf Schild movements at that time.

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    Re: Vintage Garel

    Congrats on finding your grandfather's timepiece! You will always treasure this one!
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