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Thread: Vintage Girard-Pirregaux Purchase?

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    Confused Vintage Girard-Pirregaux Purchase?

    I understand that this is certainly a restored watch but I'm very taken with it. I just don't want to blunder if I can help it. The seller is asking $1300, so I'm curious about the movement, dial and case--specifically if they belong together. I'm also wondering if this particular G-P movement is considered desirable.

    Thank you. Any comments would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Vintage Girard-Pirregaux Purchase?

    Hi there,

    it is hard to believe that someone finished a Peseux 250 to look like a GP 91, but in a low wage countrry it could be done with remarkable profit. And the whole watch looks like such well done fake for these reasons:

    1) I never saw Girard-Perregaux written without hyphen, except on poor redials like this, and of coures on any sort of fakes. It is simply wrong, because this is a double name, and not first and fanily name.
    2) I never saw the founding year 1791 anywhere but in the logo like here inside the back, again with the exception of fakes.
    3) I bnever saw the GP logo inside an American case. GP cases made by American makers ar usually signed with "GP" or "G/P".

    So all parts look legit, but all signatures are wrong, and I doubt GP would make so many typos in one single watch.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft
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    Re: Vintage Girard-Pirregaux Purchase?

    I must say that someone did rather a good job on that. It looks really great. But a redial (or even Frankenwatch?!) is and remains a redial - and I doubt that it's worth the asking price, never mind how nice it looks.

    Hartmut Richter
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