vintage gold gents Audemars and ladies Bautte fob watches

Thread: vintage gold gents Audemars and ladies Bautte fob watches

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    vintage gold gents Audemars and ladies Bautte fob watches

    Dear Experts!
    Can you please help me in dating (and possible value) of these beautiful Audemars and Bautte fob watches. It belonged to an elderly lady's grandparents. They came to South Africa from Poland/Russia around 1924 and she asked me to help her with this. Unfortunately these are the only photo's I gave got of the watches at the moment as it is in a safe at a bank.
    See attachment for further info on these 2 watches.
    Looking forward to your responses!
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    Re: vintage gold gents Audemars and ladies Bautte fob watches

    Hi there,

    after the style of dials, pendands and crowns, the Louis Aiudemars was made around 1915, and the ladies watch around 1905. The signature "Qté Boutte" (i.e. Qualité Boutte) has nothing to do with Bautte. Back then some companies agreed upon a quality-level system, and signatures like Qté Boutte, Qté Salter etc indicate certain features. Unfortunately today almost nobody (at least not me) knows which features belong to which quality signature, and even less which companies joined this dubious party.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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    Re: vintage gold gents Audemars and ladies Bautte fob watches

    If you Google search LOUIS AUDEMARS there was a Christy's auction with one listed in a plain case with an est. You only have one side of the case shown and no movement images, so guess on value based on the other

    No price of sold value, so assuming it didn't sell at the low est.

    Ladies is most likely scrap gold value. While some men will carry around a men's PW. Women don't (or none that I've heard of). Even the diamonds have little value if any as they're old miners cut and small

    Check out the auction to get the est.


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