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    Vintage Gold Omega

    I recently inherited this Vintage Omega from my father. I took it to the Omega store in my city and they said it was most probably from the 1950's but they couldn't tell me much more. If anyone can help me identify the model it would be appreciated.Name:  IMG_0137.jpg
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    Re: Vintage Gold Omega

    Most likely there is no particular model name for this watch. It would be helpful to see photos of the inside.
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    Re: Vintage Gold Omega

    Is the band Omega and gold also?

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    Re: Vintage Gold Omega

    As Dan said. Not every model had a name. Just a reference number

    Most watches like this sit as they're not to every ones taste, but if you remove the bracelet and add a slim all black leather strap. You'll have a nice quality dress watch


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