Vintage gold pocket watches.

Thread: Vintage gold pocket watches.

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    Vintage gold pocket watches.

    Hello I have recently acquired two beautiful vintage pocket watches. Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated (name,make,year etc). There is no make name on them so i've been having a hard time finding info on them!

    Thank you very much
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    Re: Vintage gold pocket watches.

    Welcome to the vintage forum. Unfortunately, without movement pictures, we won't be able to tell you too much. The first is rather older and is key wound and set (you open the outer back cover to reveal two holes in the inner back cover - one to set the time and the other to wind the watch up. For that, you need to get a key that fits. The second is a chronograph without minute or hour totalizer, i.e. you can use it to stop the time. A chronograph is the combination of watch and stop watch.

    To show the movements, you need to open both back covers. They should have notches in one position so that you can get a finger nail in. Don't force them - you might bust the case!

    Hartmut Richter

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