vintage Gruen, swiss questions

Thread: vintage Gruen, swiss questions

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    vintage Gruen, swiss questions

    Isn't Gruen watches made in USA?
    why am I seeing swiss on the time piece?
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    Re: vintage Gruen, swiss questions

    Check out this url, it gives you the entire history of Gruen...

    Make sure you follow the links at the bottom of each page tomove to the next era

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    Re: vintage Gruen, swiss questions

    Hi -

    Please do follow the link, it is one of the best sources of information on Gruen watches.

    Put simply, Gruen outsourced its manufacturing of movements to a low-cost country at the beginning of the 20th century. That low-cost country was Switzerland. Gruen for a while had movements also made by Aegler, who was later bought by Rolex to provide its movements exclusively for them. The movement you show is one of the later Gruen movements, before they outsourced their movement design as well.

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