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    Vintage Hamilton

    I dont usually go for battery watches but this one caught my eye so I grabbed it pretty cheap. Ive never owned a Hamilton and I am impressed with the quality. I dont know how to open it to see the movement but it keeps great time gaining only 10 seconds in the 2 days ive had it. To listen to it you think its running very fast because the ticks are very fast! Anyone tell me about this watch? Age or likely whats inside or how to open it?

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    Re: Vintage Hamilton

    Hamilton Electronics - Electric Watches
    Transistorised Movements with Balance Wheel - Electric Watches

    Likely an ESA Dynotron, a pre-quartz battery powered movement. Unless there's a seam I'm missing on the side of the case, seems to be a front-loader and will require a crystal lift to open up. Age is likely early to mid 70s.

    I have a soft spot for early battery powered movements. They're just so wonderfully goofy. Enjoy!

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    Re: Vintage Hamilton

    Nice watch.

    Sadly you have to open it from the front. That is the one thing I hate about those electric/electronic watches by Hamilton. Most were front loaders. I can see how this might be a good thing for automatics because you can have a one piece case that is cheaper to make and has better water resistance and since you only open it to service it every 5 or 10 years then all is good.

    But these battery hammy watches need a new battery every year. So every year there a chance to get more crap in the movement or damage something. Every other watch maker offered a battery powered watch with a removable case back or a hatch you remove in the back. But Hamilton had to be different

    The ticking sound is pretty nice. It is a high beat so it is making a fast ticka ticka ticka sound

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