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    Vintage Invicta?

    Hi everyone,
    I've read a lot on here about how generally disdained INVICTA is as a "new" brand. But what about their pre-1991 vintage watches? I picked up a nice looking vintage Invicta dress watch at a bric-a-brac store yesterday. I prefer vintage watches over modern watches generally, and this one caught my eye. It didn't break the bank, and I thought it would make a nice addition. Plus, it's an automatic (my first) and waterproof. From what I've read the "41 Jewels" dates it to the mid-60's??? But I can't find anything about vintage Invictas concerning quality, original price point, movements, etc. etc. Also, I haven't figured out how to set the date. Any and all info on this watch, or old Invictas generally, is most welcome. Thank you! Here's a couple photos:
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    Re: Vintage Invicta?

    There's not much to find about the brand. Mine:

    Movement is an FHF-ST 96-4; c.1970.

    There has been at least one other Invicta posted with an FHF.

    Its History : Founded by R.Picard 1837; Invicta TM registered 1896. Other names used were Seeland Watch Co. and Eno watch Co.
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    Re: Vintage Invicta?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marrick View Post
    There has been at least one other Invicta posted with an FHF.
    JohnMS has one in excellent condition. He posted it recently in the Public Forum.

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