Vintage JLC Memovox - Every Day Watch?

Thread: Vintage JLC Memovox - Every Day Watch?

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    Vintage JLC Memovox - Every Day Watch?

    I love the looks, history, brand, price... well, just about everything about a vintage Memovox. My only concern is: how durable are they? I guess I'm asking, is this watch up for regular wear-and-tear? Will it stop working if I wear it semi-casually and to the office?

    Thanks for your responses
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    Re: Vintage JLC Memovox - Every Day Watch?

    Just as any watch not really being sealed from water, only be careful when it starts to rain.

    I think that you have the wrong idea of the durability of vintage watches. Don't let the age of the watch cause a paranoia.

    If by wear-and-tear you understand driving to the supermarket, a casual walk to the office, then I would find it very unlikely for any vintage watch- JLC or anything else- to stop working. Don't go for a run in a vintage watch, and keep it away from water if it is not a hermetic case with the gaskets protecting it properly.

    The only thing that will happen are crystal scratches, but that happens to any watch with a plastic crystal, and that would be the majority of vintage watches. Then, all you'll need is getting some Polywatch, to remove scratches from the crystal.
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    Re: Vintage JLC Memovox - Every Day Watch?

    I really like the vintage Memovox as well. I've been looking for one at a good price for a while now. I'm a little concerned though about the servicing cost due to the unique alarm complication. Anyone have any feedback on the cost to service one of these babies?

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    Re: Vintage JLC Memovox - Every Day Watch?

    I suppose the cost of servicing it would be equivalent to a chronograph? maybe it would be a bit more maybe in the range of $250-$500USD. Obviously depends on if it need any new parts. It also depends heavily on where you live and where you get it service if you go to JLC obviously it will be extremely expensive.
    I suggest you go for it, you can always get it serviced later and you can probably wear it occasionally without doing any harm.
    On the other hand you could buy a vintage alarm watch for less from Poljot or Citizen. I think some of the Citizens look good. Good Luck.

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