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    Vintage LeCoultre


    I was hoping someone could give me some information about this watch. It belongs to my Dad. He bought it used many years ago but he doesn't know anything about it. Any estimate as to when this was made? It this an original dial? What about the case? The back is completely blank except for a "14k" stamp. I'm sorry I don't have a movement picture. Thanks you all for any help you may be able to provide!

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    Re: Vintage LeCoultre

    The styling is 50's or maybe 60's. It is an American sold model of Jaeger LeCoutre as I believe LeCoultre was not the way the watches were branded elsewhere. It probably was 'cased and timed in the USA' to lower tariffs.

    The pics make it look to be in great condition.
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    Re: Vintage LeCoultre

    Hi SectionEht,

    the bad message first: The dial is poorly refinished - contour of the sunk sub
    second lost, print like manually written.

    But there is also a good message: LeCoultre dials were very sensitive for
    corrosion, and even the worst redials will do longer than the originals,
    because such bad lacquers as used by LeCoultre are simply not available today.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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