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    Vintage Longines

    Another watch without identity.Any ideas plese help! It has prcelain dial and it is LONGINES.That is all I know.
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    Re: Vintage Longines

    Hi -

    Bit of a mess, that one.

    Case is from the 1920s, but the face is wrong (the numbers on the dial are different than what you see in Shugart #25, p. 904.

    The movement is definitely either a cal 23Z or 23ZD (need a bigger picture to tell for sure, but looks like the cal 23ZD, which would date the movement from 1954 or so; the 23Z would be ca 1948. See Shugart #25, p.930

    Hence: a wire lug case from the 1920s, face possibly earlier (pictures again too small to be certain), movement from the late 1940s to mid 1950s...

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    Re: Vintage Longines

    I can't see the movement serial number that clearly but it looks like 23XXXXX which would date it to around 1911. The porcelain dial makes it prior to 1920 in all probability. I don't think its a newer Longines calibre because it looks like a 15 jewel watch.
    I agree with John that the case is newer. Maybe this is a recased pocket watch from the 1920s.

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