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    Vintage Military Services Watch

    Hi, I recently purchased this watch off of ebay. I don't know much about it but I'd like to learn some if any of you know anything.

    The watch seems to have a couple problems, it will run a minute or two fast often and when you wind it it wont last for long. It wont make it through the night without stopping.

    I know very little about watches, are these worth fixing? It was pretty cheap, but I like it a lot.

    Here are a few pictures:


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    Re: Vintage Military Services Watch

    Hi and welcome.

    Services were a British brand. They used a variety of movements, including Swiss and German. There is a good thread on them here:

    but many of the pictures seem to have gone. Essentially, they were a cheap watch bought by 'the working man'. Yours has 5 jewels - not bad - but at a time (50's?)when most better watches would have 15 or 17 jewels. The dial on yours is in bad condition. It sounds like it needs a complete service and a new mainspring. Economically it isn't worth it. You will be able to find a much better example if you look regularly on UK ebay.
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