Vintage Movado Watch - 1940s???

Thread: Vintage Movado Watch - 1940s???

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    Vintage Movado Watch - 1940s???


    I recently inherited what seems to be a vintage Movado from my grandfather. It has a gold face (not sure if actual gold or not since I was unable to find any markings) and what appears to be a stainless steal case (could be silver but I like I said I was unable to find any markings). I was told it is dated around the 1940's but I honestly have no idea. It is working and in very good condition. I have attached a photo so any information on this watch (type, price, etc.) would be very much appreciated.


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    Re: Vintage Movado Watch - 1940s???

    Hi I think its called a calender matic or something along those lines. It's a pretty cool watch. They don't do prices here.

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