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    Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

    Hi Again,
    I recently bought this vintage Omega pocket watch and would appreciate any information on the watch and its movement .
    It is quite 'chunky' and measures appx 56mm accross the case, appx 170mm in depth and weighs a hefty 175 grams.The dial is signed Omega (but no logo ) and the movement is unsigned showing only the serial number - was this normal ?
    I've been told it is Railroad grade and I would be grateful if someone could confirm whether or not this is the case.
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    Re: Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

    Thanks for posting and welcome
    From the serial number I'd guesstimate around 1900 for this Omega. A nice watch but it's definitely not railroad grade (at least in the US or Canada). Only US made watches needed apply in the USA and in Canada a few Swiss watches made it (V&C or Patek mostly). It looks like a variety of the well known caliber 19 Omega.

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    Re: Vintage Omega Pocket Watch

    How many jewels does this watch have?


    Oh, 15 jewels...nice :)
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