Vintage Omega Pocketwatch
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Thread: Vintage Omega Pocketwatch

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    Vintage Omega Pocketwatch

    Hello, first post so hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong.

    I just picked up a pocketwatch (not working) and was wondering if anybody could shed some light on its origins/authenticity.

    The movement & dial are marked Omega with a serial number in the 5,000,000s which I believe indicates around 1915-1920.

    However the case is marked as an Alpha. I know Omega have been known to use other company's watch cases but I'm struggling to find much information on the Swiss company Alpha let alone whether Omega ever used their cases, or the movement has been switched.

    Here are some images:
    Name:  20170614_122123.jpg
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    I'm not too worried either way, mostly curious. Thanks in advance :)
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    Re: Vintage Omega Pocketwatch

    Omega has used non-Omega cases alright- when the watch was cased locally to whatever country it was shipped to. They have used cases from various makers in the US and Canada, Dennison in Britain... Sometimes it was simply more profitable to ship movements and dials, and have them cased locally, in order to avoid import taxes on whole watches (without the case, it would be classified as "watch parts"). Often it was the importer who did the casing- either an import company established by the manufacturer, or independent jewellers/retailers.

    This one is a Canadian market model, as the "Alpha" combined with an "E" in a star-shaped frame is a trademark of a watch case manufacturer P.W. Ellis & Co. of Toronto (as listed in Mikrolisk).
    Name:  bildmarke_pwellis.jpg
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    Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index

    That said, looks legit to me.
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    Re: Vintage Omega Pocketwatch

    Wow, perfect.

    Thanks for such a detailed response. That's an awesome resource too.

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