Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions

Thread: Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions

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    Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions

    I found this on ebay and I really like it, is there any imformation you could give me on it, it looks nice to me but i am not an expert. It's at $302.00 with 8 hours left, also I know you guys can't give values but do you think it will go much higher then that?

    Name:  $T2eC16h,!)kE9s4,Bu(mBQS-Fd2,Og~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $T2eC16h,!)!E9s2fD)HvBQS-GBrKGQ~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $T2eC16d,!)0E9s37Hk7lBQS-FZr(Fw~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $(KGrHqZ,!o!F!NG+C1yMBQS-GF3K1Q~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $(KGrHqV,!p0F!IFYi++dBQS-FjU(Fw~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $(KGrHqV,!oMF!Z9krnbTBQS-FwP7!g~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $(KGrHqR,!pgF!IIQVdv4BQS-HhC-pQ~~60_57.jpg
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    Name:  $(KGrHqJ,!ogF!Ou26iO!BQS-Fn)Cfg~~60_57.jpg
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    Re: Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions

    Hmmmm. Case back looks very shiny - overpolished? Dial looks OK from here so it may well not be redialled. No "18K" mark so I presume it's plated. Movement in good condition with all parts having matching gold plating colour so no reason to suspect a "Frankenwatch" from that aspect. I'm no Omega expert but I would expect it to go somewhat higher than what it's at now.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions

    harmut is right, it will increase in value
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    Re: Vintage Omega Seamaster De ville questions

    The crown is correct and an original one. Not convinced that hands are original though.

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