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    Vintage Omega Speedmaster Help


    I am a new as green as they come potential vintage watch buyer! My wife would like to buy me as a wedding gift (i got married last year) that i will keep for a long time.

    I've always wanted a vintage watch and for the last 2-3 months, I've been looking into watches I like the look of. I've narrowed this down to 3-4 vintage omega's, but I really don't know what i should be paying for them and the best place to fine good conditions. I'm based in the UK, but don't know if I would find better quality and prices looking in mainland europe as well?

    Does anyone know what a good/realistic price for these would be?

    Speedmaster Mark II 1969
    Speedmaster Mark II 1971
    Speedmaster Mark IV 1973
    Speedmaster Mark Iv 1974

    Any help for a complete novice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Vintage Omega Speedmaster Help

    The Omega group is likely to know more... but price varies greatly on condition and demand at that point in time. Searching eBay (search Worldwide!) can give you some indications.
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    Re: Vintage Omega Speedmaster Help

    Browse this link.
    Note that these watches are reconditioned by a reliable seller. You may find on eBay for less, but then make sure to allow some extra cash to get them serviced. Usually any eBay watch will need it.
    Marrick may be able to give you some info from the UK perspective. JohnF also frequents some vintage watch places in Notting Hill so perhaps he'll comment as well.

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    Re: Vintage Omega Speedmaster Help

    I don't have any Omegas - they never go cheaply enough! You could look at these sites:

    Also have a look at the watches for sale forum here on Watchuseek. There are often private sales which might be cheaper. Ebay is, of course, the definitive marketplace - but with the usual caveats regarding the vendor. If you buy outside the EU you will get stung by a 17.5% VAT charge as an import. As mentioned, it may be worth paying a premium of (say) £60 - £80 for one that has been serviced and has a warranty. Good luck.

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    Re: Vintage Omega Speedmaster Help

    Austin Kaye in London has had a Mk II for sale for a while:
    Not cheap, but available.
    You'll do a lot better on the Bay with some patience. I would suggest a Mk IV with 5100 caliber for about £1100.00, if serviced and in perfect condition.
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