vintage Omega - worth restoration?

Thread: vintage Omega - worth restoration?

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    vintage Omega - worth restoration?

    Hi everyone,

    Could you share your experience with my and give me some information about this piece?

    Would it worth restoring it ? Does it look like a re-dial for your ? I do like it a lot, but the crown(+stem) and the hour hand are missing and, from what i understood, it does not change the date.
    Would you think i can find the missing parts?

    Any info would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: vintage Omega - worth restoration?

    FlorinB13...sure: give it a go! An Independent shop should be able to fix this Omega without too much fuss. Generic stems / crowns / hands are readily available, and a good Service will ( hopefully...!) be able to remedy the date-indicating issue.

    The dial looks to me to be original, and a little TLC will set the case right.

    Oh: watch out for Omega Service Centers & parts...they're probably The Best, but they are ( to my mind ) very $$$...! To each, their own, yes? Michael.

    ps: say: isn't the minute hand over by the 9 marker?...looks so to me!!

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    Re: vintage Omega - worth restoration?

    Get 3 or 4 quotes, There will be a few in your area who have the ability to repair this watch with no issues. don't go to an Omega dealer it would cost mega
    but don't expect a cheep job, if done properly it should last
    I wish i could think of something funny to put here.

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    Re: vintage Omega - worth restoration?

    Thank you very much for your replies. It arrived in this evening, i had a chance to have a better look over it.

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    Indeed @Michael Maddan, the hands are there. The only things that are missing are the stem/crown and an inside ring (which will take some time to find another) from what i saw at another piece.
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    It was a risky move let's say, but given the fact that i paid 50$ for it, i will have a decent budget to make it look much better.

    To be honest, i am pretty happy with it, it is my first vintage Omega piece.

    (sorry for my not that good english)

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    Re: vintage Omega - worth restoration?

    Hi Florin,

    such questions are always difficult to decide. But selling all parts will bring more than $50, and therefore you can't have done wrong.

    If you have no mind to wait, the Omega service would be the only option. But this will cost you likely more than two mint samples of the very same model - finally no option though.

    But despite he rigid parts policy of the Swatch Group, almost every independent watchmaker has his individual sources for parts like crown and, if ever needed, movement parts. So he could bring the watch to a wearable shape at acceptable costs. The only problem is the minute chapter ring. It will require between much and infinite patience to find one, or to have it made by an able hobbyist (professional too expensive). But if you calculate wasted time as part of your watch hobby, you can meanwhile enjoy an attractice watch (without this ring).

    So just keep patience and don't butcher it for parts.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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    Re: vintage Omega - worth restoration?

    Send it to swiss time services, they are the best on vintage Omegas but never send it to Bienne, they ruin every vintage they have in their hands
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