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    Vintage Oris Super Star 645

    I was wondering if anyone can shed a bit of history on this vintage Oris that I picked up.

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    So far I have found that the Oris 645 KIF movement is a 25 jewels automatic, non-hacking, non-handwinding, non-quickset date. It has the KIF anti shock protection system. The movement was introduced in 1966.

    As well as more technical information I would like to know how it was placed in the market within the Oris range and against the current competition of that time.


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    Re: Vintage Oris Super Star 645

    In 1966 non-hacking, non-handwinding, non-quickset would place this in the bottom half of movements... maybe bottom quarter. But Oris was known for getting the most out of little. So their watches are usually collectible. This looks like a nice example.
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    Re: Vintage Oris Super Star 645

    Before this, Oris was forced to make only pin lever movements - but they were practically the only ones who made them to COSC specifications! So, on the whole, this movement was a step upward for them. And it is an in-house movement.

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