Vintage pocket watch ID?

Thread: Vintage pocket watch ID?

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    Vintage pocket watch ID?

    Hi,I have a pocket watch that say "E. Kirchof, Winterthur" on it. I can't find anything in my searches. Does anyone have any info on it? thanks!
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    Re: Vintage pocket watch ID?

    Welcome to the WUS Vintage/PW forum. I wiped your duplicate thread. I am not sure how much we can say about the watch without a peek inside (inner case cover and movement). However, I'll try.....

    The dial looks like something from the inter-war period - it is almost the same one as on my Zenith pocket watch from 1929. At the same time, the watch is pin set so that points to something from around the turn of the century. I don't think that it's a fake so it is either a very early example of the use of such a dial or the use of somewhat retrograde technology (movement!) when the watch was made (possibly using up old stock). I can't find any reference to Kirchhof in Winterthur so I suspect that they were just the jeweller who sold it or some small workshop who assembled their watches from generic parts bought from various sources (a common practice in the watch industry - then and now!). Which makes it all the more important that we see the movement. To show that, you will nneed to open up the outer and inner back covers. There should be notches for that and you should even be able to do it with a finger nail (thereby avoiding damage to the watch). If it's very stiff, try a pocket knife, but take care to do it slowly then.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Vintage pocket watch ID?


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    Re: Vintage pocket watch ID?

    Lovely looking watch 👍 😊

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