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    vintage purchase suggestions

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum and just want to get everyone's opinion about this one. I don't have a chrono in my collection at the moment and recently have been drawn to them. I'm going to a watch maker this Thursday to pick out a watch for my B-day/Wedding Anniversary and am leaning towards a chrono. He's an authorized dealer for Citizen and also has a lot of vintage.

    What is a nice chrono for reasonable money? I'd like to go with a vintage automatic for a couple of reasons (but open to suggestions): 1. price 2. a passion for unique vintage pieces. Any particular recommendations on brands or models I should look for would be appreciated. I plan on buying my wife a watch as well so hopefully you can see the financial situation I'm in ( not making 3 figures in my paycheck). Thanks!

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    Re: vintage purchase suggestions

    Hi -

    Goodness, that's a wide-open question, isn't it?

    Well, you need to define what you want better: a nice chrono for reasonable money for one person is a piece of junk for someone else and vice versa.

    I'd recommend something from the 1970s using a Valjoux movement. The reason? First, these watches are, relatively speaking, still pretty new, and won't usually have the sometimes severe wear that a chrono from, say, the 1940s or 1950s may have (meaning spending a lot to get it in shape).

    Think about what it is you do professionally and see if you can match that up somehow to the chrono: if you are in the aviation business, then obviously a pilot's watch is of interest; someone in the health industry might want what is called a doctor's watch, etc.

    Check for a watch with a Valjoux 776x (hand-wound chrono), as these were fairly common at that point in time (1970s) and should be in good shape and parts remain fairly easy to find.

    Stick with the major brand names - you already own some of them, I'm a big fan of Gruens! - and ensure, of course, that your watchmaker stands behind his product AND has serviced the watch so that you're getting the best possible buy for your money.

    Let us know what transpires! We always loooove pictures...

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