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    Vintage Record Geneve wrist watch

    Hi, wanted more information on this Record Geneva wrist watch. Crystal has a crack on it, can it be replaced. Not working as of now, planning to it serviced, any precautions I must take? Is it a sort after brand?Name:  IMG_20140225_002626.jpg
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    Re: Vintage Record Geneve wrist watch

    Very nice.

    Replacing the crystal is no problem at all. I have one of these and the movement and it has a Record 107C inside.

    Getting it fixed should be straightforward - but only a watchmaker can say for sure.

    Record had a long and proud history until it was acquired by Longines - see bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements : Record Watch Co. S.A., Tramelan-Dessus, Genve, La Chaux de Fonds, Les Pommerats, London
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    Please don't PM me to ask for a valuation - I won't attempt one.

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