Vintage (?) Rekata watch with new strap(s)

Thread: Vintage (?) Rekata watch with new strap(s)

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    Vintage (?) Rekata watch with new strap(s)

    I fell for a Russian Raketa watch a couple of weeks back. It's kind of Art Deco meets 1950's vintage look. The case is black made out of some carbon fiber and it's also a winder.

    A fellow WUS member had one that was exactly like the one I saw on ebay from a Russian seller. I paid only $50.00 for it with free shipping. Alas, it had no strap, so I got on the horn to a few of the forums here in WUS and got some great ideas for what color straps might look best on it and how to start about putting on and taking off straps.

    I went to my favorite jewelry store that sells everything from Patek Philippe to Tissot. They are super nice to me and make this redneck feel comfortable. Anyway, the man who sold me my wife's Tag (a Christmas present this past year) was there. He is from Russia and is their "watch buyer".

    He opened up his strap case and started showing me black straps as I thought that would look best on this watch. Black didn't look good at all with this watch. He then showed me some other colors. Three really stood out. A red Hirsch, a kind of gold color python Hirsch and a light purplish sting ray strap.

    Mind you, I only paid $50.00 dollars for the watch and really didn't know what to expect price wise for the straps. What I chose was the red strap and the python strap. They both were $50.00 each. The sting ray was $100.00. I decided my wife might kill me if I would have bought the sting ray.

    Vlad, the watch seller, took the watch back to the watch maker to put on the red strap. We got to talking and I told him my next step was to learn how to switch out straps and bracelets. At that, he went behind the Tissot counter and brought out one of the padded folding out mats to put watches on that was from Tissot and gave it to me for free. I really love this place. They once put in a new battery to my Omega hummer at no cost...battery or labor. They just wanted me to donate money to a charity, $5.00, and that would be the cost.

    Vlad brought my watch back out and gave me some tips on caring for Russian watches. One of the other employees said something about the watch might not last very long, and being the Russian that Vlad is he said "Russian vatches are built like Russian trucks, to last!" I got a kick out of that.

    Well, I tried my hand at photographing the watch and straps. I don't know how you guys take great pics of watches. Most of mine came out blurry. I will have to do a thread search on how to photograph the little buggers. Anyway, here are some pics of the newest edition to my little watch family.
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    Re: Vintage (?) Rekata watch with new strap(s)

    That is one eyecatching watch.

    Nice work.
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    Re: Vintage (?) Rekata watch with new strap(s)

    The Raketa Copernicus was first made some time in the late 1980s. Obviously from the 'USSR' marking this one was made before 1992. The last of this model was assembled around 1997.

    The case is brass with some kind of black metal plating. Raketa called it 'black chrome' in their catalogues.
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