Vintage Roamer help please :-)

Thread: Vintage Roamer help please :-)

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    Vintage Roamer help please :-)

    hey everyone

    Im new here. My knowledge of watches is quite small. I love my 4 casio baby g's and thats about it lol! But i was hoping someone here might be able to help me.

    So i have been looking for a nice vintage watch for friend for about a month or two now. Looking on the net to see what i should try to find.

    2 days ago i purchased this vintage Roamer for $5 from a charity shop.

    The face is a little scratched and i have no idea if it works yet. Am getting a battery put in it tomorrow. It also seems to have its original band.

    I have goggled electronic searocks and nothing has come up. Any ideas of how old it is? How much it might be worth? More then what i bought it for im guessing lol! Any other info about it?

    Thanks heaps guys:thanks

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    Re: Vintage Roamer help please :-)

    It could have several movements inside but most likely is the ESA balance wheel transistorized movement. These are not considered especially valuable.

    but examples in the Vizio line are not common. <= brain hiccup, confused with another post.
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    Re: Vintage Roamer help please :-)


    We don't do valuations in here. However, a similar watch sold on ebay recently so you can see what that fetched:

    You will note that it is described as having an ESA 9154 movement. If yours has the same, then this gives you some information:

    and here

    The problem will be if it doesn't burst into life when the new battery is put in. If it does, nice find.
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    Re: Vintage Roamer help please :-)

    Thanks guys. Sorry i didnt read about the no valuation stuff till only a minute ago:oops:

    Hopefully it springs to life tomorrow. I think ill get him to check the movement number for me too.

    Thanks again

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    Re: Vintage Roamer help please :-)

    Great watch, and great bracelet too!

    I hope it fires right up!

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