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    Vintage Stowas...redux

    Hi -

    Well, I finally dragged some equipment out and took a few shots of the vintage Stowas in my collection. This isn't all if them - I picked up some real junkers along the way - but these are the ones in half-way decent shape.

    No movement shots today, but when I get around to it I'll be sure to include some. Generally speaking, the movements are fairly pedestrian, without much in the way of high-level finishing, and show their age and the work done on them, in some cases, by watchmakers who didn't seem to take much pride in their work. Hence today we'll stick with the externals...

    First of all, four Bauhaus Stowas:

    This first one is really the nicest of them all: central sweep seconds, very beautiful dial, even with the damage up around the 1 o'clock position, and is the one that has seen the most wrist time:

    This second one is perhaps the most battered, but also the most original. The crystal is original and quite colored from the ages, and the hands have lost parts of their lume. The lume is most definitely radium, by the way: I even bought a Geiger counter (some folks in the Ukraine sell them very cheaply...) to check this, and hence the watch, which needs some TLC on the dial and hands (the movement is fine), is being left just the way it is...

    The third Bauhaus Stowa is somewhat odd: the hands are, I think, original, but are not very harmonious with the rest of the watch. The dial is a nicely aged and varnished copper that is quite lovely, but difficult to read in anything but the brightest of light. Keeps excellent time, but I think those hands have to go, replaced by NOS baton hands like the current Stowa Anteas. But gotta find those first. If you look carefully, the hands are kept on with a six-sided nut!

    Now the fourth. Here the crown was replaced at some point by a previous owners, but the rest of the face is very nice, with some aging in the numerals that remains quite nice...

    Three of these Bauhaus Stowas have one thing in common: the case. It is a three-piece design with fixed lugs, 18mm, that makes finding a right and proper band for them rather difficult. I've been looking for quite some time to find the right band for that first one, preferably a black flat pigskin or, alternatively, a dark alligator, but finding a 18mm vintage-style band is not that simple.

    The one that does not share the case shares the dial: while perhaps the farthest from the rest of the Bauhaus Stowas, I think it still fulfills the design criteria. The case here is in very poor shape, with the chrome largely gone from the base metal.

    Oh, and they share one other attribute: all were bought on eBay, and all were bought each for less than ... €100. The first one even came in the original cardboard box (but the band was literally falling apart and has been obviously replaced!). Getting all four of these took around 3 years of patient searching and bidding, and I failed to acquire another 2 during that time period, one of which went for over €300 and the other one which was ended before the auction was finished.


    What other vintage Stowas are there?

    Well, there is this:

    Yep, one of the elusive Stowa chronographs, with an ETA 7734 inside, the hand-wind chrono movement that just keep on ticking. This one was acquired here on WUS from the second owner, and had been recently serviced. It is mounted on an original Stowa leather strap with deployant clasp from Stowa, keeping it all in the family. This is the most expensive Stowa I own, and while it is a tad battered, it does have a lovely, lovely dial, with a beautiful gray. The lume is tritium and basically not worth a darn anymore, but unless I can find a NOS dial that I can risk having a relume done, this is the way it stays.

    While there is no certain way to date this one, it is most definitely a child of the mid-to-late 1970s. One of the nicest watches I own, and keeps marvelous time, +7s/day.

    So, what else?

    Some rather pedestrian Stowas, but still rather nice:

    This one is a tad small, but is still a man's watch. Central seconds and design point to the late 1950s.

    This one I like because of the duo-tone dial, central seconds, and date. It wear swell, but just a tad too small. I would date this at the late 1950s as well due to the dial...

    This is perhaps the most pedestrian of these Stowas, a perfectly classic normal man's watch from the early 1960s. Plain, simple, sturdy - it has not been serviced since the 1990s, but keeps around +20s/day the few times I wear it (and it is rare that if gets any wrist time...).

    So, those are a few Stowa vintages for your consideration.

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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    What a nice collection. Thanks for taking the time!

    The hands on the third Bauhaus do seem grossly out of place. Normally Stowa has such good design attributes I find it hard to believe they are original.

    But the Bauhaus watches are soooooo nice. I have a few (not by Stowa). We should make a thread sometime.
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    ...that's just my opinion and I've been wrong before and will be again and might be now!

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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Excellent post, it was a real pleasure to peruse the photos and descriptions. The first and last are probably my favourites!

    Starting a Bauhaus watch thread is certainly a good idea, if someone takes the time and effort to start one I'd happily contribute.


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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Very nice watches, JohnF

    If you are interested in watching some other vintage Stowa's, you can go here:

    You will find pocket watches, e.g.

    ...vintage Seatime, e.g.

    ......stop watches, e.g.

    ....chrono watches, e.g.

    and even " Bauhaus ", e.g.

    I also would like to take part in a "Vintage Germans"- or "Bauhaus" - thread,


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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Those are some very vintage looking examples~Cheers!

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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Nice Stowas you have there John. I especially like the first one; hands, dial and case makes a _very_ complete "whole picture"!

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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Simpicity of those bauhaus cases and dials is very impresing.That black dial bauhaus "Stowa" is superb.Could you take a photos of those bauhaus cases but in the way that would allow as to see lugs and hights of the cases please?I'm fascinate with angled lugs on bauhaus watches,and the way that they compose with case.
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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Really nice watches and pictures, John.
    I came across one not long ago similar to the Seatime that brainless posted. 37mm, I liked the bezel and caseback, but the dial is not so hot, unfortunately.

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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Fabulous Seatime and I like the Parat with the target dial

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    Re: Vintage Stowas...redux

    Love all the Bauhaus!

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