Vintage Timex I can not find any information on.
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Thread: Vintage Timex I can not find any information on.

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    Vintage Timex I can not find any information on.

    This is a vintage Timex piece I found along with my vintage Orient. I cant seem to find any information on. Any insight would be appreciated!Name:  20181017_004524.jpg
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    Re: Vintage Timex I can not find any information on.

    Cheap Timex ladies' quartz watch made in the Philippines. If you can open the back, we could see what movement it has. Needs most likely a CR 1216 cell, just in case it does not run and the old battery has been removed. Make sure the hour hand is still there (which I can't see on the image) underneath the minute hand and/or is not blocked before you spend more money on a battery.

    Nice if it runs and fits (very accurate with a functioning quartz movement), especially for a young girl, despite the Movado-style 'guess-what-time-it-is-dial'.
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