Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

Thread: Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

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    Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

    Hi all, newbie here.

    I've seen this watch on eBay coming from South Korea, but am suspicious regarding its authenticity. Can any of you experts vouch for its authenticity or dismiss it as a fake?

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    Re: Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

    I don't know enough to say, but one good thing is that the import code - NOA on the balance cock - is correct for UN:

    Ranfft Watches, US Import Codes

    Await more educated responses!

    An ad from 1949:

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    Re: Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

    Hi there,

    the dial was restored, faily done, but a bit misaligned. The movement is from the Aurore-Villeret 423 family:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Aurore-Villeret 423
    It is surely authentic due to the signatures and the modification with (non standard) Breguet hairspring.

    However, the case should either have a UN signature inside the back, or signatures indicating that the case was made in the USA. If it is a Swiss case without signature I'd suspect that it is not original.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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    Re: Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

    If the case is authentic for the movement or not - I do not know.
    One or more of the lugs has been soldered back to the case.

    It looks like the holes for the spring bars go all the way through the lugs. May be authentic, but may be not.
    On all my nicer Vintage watches the spring bar holes do not penetrate the lugs like this.

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    Re: Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

    Vintage watches from South Korea tend to be heavily restored so i would avoid it. They have decent restoration technology but due to it being a "non collector market", i realised complete originality is not exactly a prized commodity there

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    Re: Vintage Ulysse Nardin - Real/Fake?

    I think Roland is right. The back cover should look like this

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