Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions
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Thread: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

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    Lightbulb Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    Hi all experts:

    Just acquired this Vintage Vacheron & Constantin watch. Upon opening the case back i found on the back of the case shows model number (i guess?) of 7397. Anyone here knows about this watch? i couldn't really find too much information on this.

    I want to know the following:
    1) is the crown original? looks too plain for a original crown.
    2) what year is this watch?
    3) how to polish the crystal (or is it even crystal ) or case, or if i should just keep it as it?
    4) it runs... should i bring it to service? should i bring back to AD for servicing? would that cost more that the watch value?
    5) while we are at it.. the watch value, the strap is not original, the rest seems to look legit.
    6) the watch where it holds the watch strap is very tight (the band can't move), is there a special strap or strap pin that i should use?

    (am i even on the right forum )
    Thanks all !

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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    If you simply google out the watch and the (7397), exactly what you've got will show up. In gold and steel versions. Movement is of quality that one would expect from VC. I cannot identify it though, it's not listed in the Ranfft archive.
    Approximate dating... Hmmm. Looks 1960s-1970s to me.
    In my opinion, keep case as is, give the crystal a polish. Normally, it's best to use Polywatch for scratch removal, but if you don't feel confident about polishing the crystal yourself, a watchmaker will do that for you.
    Oh, and one more thing- servicing watches of brands like VC by sending them over to the manufacturer can really make you go bankrupt in no time... And that's probably what would happen when you bring it over to an AD where they have no workshop of their own.
    I don't know what do you mean by "the band can't move". If the strap is too tight, just change it...
    Let's wait for others to chime in.
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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    I suspect you will need curved spring bars for the strap.
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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    The movement is a K1072/1 (K1070 with date, hence the "1072", plus gyromax balance, hence the "/1"), based on an ebauche by LeCoultre. See also:

    Ref. 6394: aTypically Untypical Vacheron & Constantin - Vacheron Constantin discussion

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    Tick-Talk collects VC, I am sure he can give you more precise answers about the model and its specs.

    Al Archer,also in Canada, a premium watchmaker known in collector circles can service your watch without costing you arms and legs. Of course it would be above ETA servicing costs but much more reasonable than VC would quote you.

    Strap and lugs, whether bend the pins or get a thinner leather strap.Crown, no idea, I've seen them all signed but again they were precious metal, maybe VC executed a non signed crown, Tick-Talk would know.

    As a side note, it looks so much not VC. Obviously the big boys were also affected by the battery hit.
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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    Hi Emre, thanks very much for your info! So how do i find this tick talk expert to ask more questions please? THanks

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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    He frequents here also, his profile:

    Send him a private message with the link of this topic, he is a real gentleman,will share his knowledge as always.

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    Re: Vintage Vacheron & Constantin 7397 questions

    The strap looks a mm to small for them lugs, and it's probably to thick which is causing the strap to hit the case. If you get a new strap, measure between the lug, in mm for width you need
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