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    Vintage Vulcain question

    I picked this up on Ebay. I can't find any info on this watch online. The only pix I can find are of the actual watch I bought.

    Upon arrival the watch stopped running. I cracked open the back and the movement is a UT 31. Is this correct? Or is this a Frankenwatch? Is it worth servicing?

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    Re: Vintage Vulcain question

    Moved from Public to Vintage and Pocket Watch.
    Edit: Which country did it come from?

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    Re: Vintage Vulcain question

    Hi John,

    Quote Originally Posted by John MS View Post
    ...Which country did it come from?
    I guess you suspect India, and I'm afraid you're right:
    Swiss brand + French movement + funky dial = fake from India.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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