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    Vintage Watches

    Lots of people ask about dating watches so I thought it might be a good idea to share our collective information.

    I'll start the ball rolling with dating Omegas. Essentially all Omegas are dated by their movement number, obviously you'll need access the movement to find this. Once that's done here's a list of movement numbers with corresponding years, I hope this is legible.

    Although this is a good system and extremely useful it's not infallible or 100% accurate. Lots of Omegas are put togethers or frankenwatches especially the more iconic models. For example a vintage SM300 may well have a cal.565 from a much less valuable model like a Geneve. If your movement has a R next to the number it means it's a service replacement movement (thanks to JonW for that snippet of info).

    Hope this helps and if anyone want to share dating information from other manufacturers please add to this post.

    I've got a scan of a German Tissot dating sheet somewhere, if I can find it I'll translate, type it out and post later.


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    Re: Vintage Watches

    Hi and welcome. There is a section for Links and Articles under this forum here:

    There are many links for dating different brands, including the table you posted for Omega. You will also find links to more comprehensive brand information.
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    Re: Vintage Watches

    I have 3 different Omega serial with date lists. Yours looks like it is probably most accurate. I assume you had good source for this?

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    Re: Vintage Watches

    This list is avilable on "Omegas" official site,but to access it you need to register.I guess it cant be more accurate than this.
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    Re: Vintage Watches

    Not an exact science but Glycine Airman watches can be dated approximately by their movements:

    1953 to 1960 (Airman 1)Felsa 692 (the "Bidynator" movement) 23 jewels
    1960 to 1967 (Airman 1 and Airman 1 Special) A.Schild 1701, 25 jewels and 17 jewels in the Airman Special
    1967 to 1971 (Airman 1 and SST) A.Schild 1903, 25 jewels
    1971 to 1974 (Airman 1 and SST) A.Schild 2063, 25 jewels
    1974 to 1978 (Airman 1 and SST) A.Schild 2163, 25 jewels

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    Re: Vintage Watches

    Overall, I think Ryan Rooney's list is more helpful for Omega serial numbers. He incorporated a rage of data to arrive at some early and late uses of serials in certain calibres.

    Its on the back of this list of Connie calibres I compiled.



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    Re: Vintage Watches

    The problem with Zeniths is that (between ca. 1910 and 1965) the movements carry serial numbers - but were not used in strict succession! Thus for two watches with near identical serial numbers, the one with the higher number could be older. When they were made, movements were stocked and when some watchmaker at Zenith needed a movement, he just pulled one out of the drawer. I once saw a Zenith wrist watch made in 1936 with a PW movement from 1917!

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