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Thread: Vintage Wrist Compass Help

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    Vintage Wrist Compass Help

    Not sure where to post this since technically not a watch, but I recently acquired this vintage brass wrist compass. It is definitely old and is of reasonably good quality. Searching on the web I have found references to a World War II (WWII) wrist compass including a near identical one with the name Waltham on the dial. Mine is a brass buckle piece with a quarter sized compass welded to it to make it wearable on the wrist with a strap. The crystal is glass and the dial is black with printed white arrow and markers. I cannot find a single mark on the piece. I have a few questions. Is this government issued and possibly WWII? Did Waltham have the contract and make this item? Were they the only one? Would it be worn on it’s own strap or on a strap with a watch? Comments appreciated.

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    Re: Vintage Wrist Compass Help

    I would presume by the design that it could have been worn like a watch. Now of course without any markings or a movement, lol, hard to say who made it. It is cool tho'!
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    Re: Vintage Wrist Compass Help

    Quote Originally Posted by bsshog40 View Post
    I would presume by the design that it could have been worn like a watch.
    Depending on the size of it, probably would have been worn on the same band as the watch. A small compass attached to a watch strap wasn't exactly an uncommon thing.
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