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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by efauser View Post
    MultiStar today. Waiting for a Defy Spaceman, vintage Hamilton Thin-O-Matic and Pan Europ to arrive, tomorrow. With any luck, my birth year Birks Eterna Kontiki will be ready this week, too.

    Lovely piece and a great bunch incoming.
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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Tonight(your timezone may vary) and at this moment, this:

    Name:  LONGuq.jpg
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    OK it's not strictly mechanical, but it has a lot of mechanical parts. And it's cybernetic for pity's sake. Cybernetic. Yea baby! :)

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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    1918 Omega

    Harry's hiding, can you tell where he is?


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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by busmatt View Post

    Harry's hiding, can you tell where he is?
    It's camouflaged, isn't it? And isn't the point of camouflage to blend into your environment? So the answer is "No!". (And don't object to what your cat is thinking about the matter )

    I'm wearing a little, aptly named divers' chronograph today:

    Roi des Eaux Chronograph, cal. Valjoux 7734

    'Roi des Eaux' - "Waterking" - was a brand of Geneva's R. Muller SA. I guess it was manufactured for the French market where the counter-clockwise bezel was quite common with divers' watches.

    Best regards
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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    1977 Waltham Automatic, German made 17 Jewel PUW 1663S Autorotor inside. New Year....old watches!

    Later, Gary

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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    My little pride and joy. Workhorse 1225 movement with very little to go wrong. Just back from getting a squeaky clean new crystal fitted.

    With the meaty leather Steve-O strap and the black dial it has a little bit of a 'baby Panerai' feel to it - although I'd take the charm of the Oysterdate over a Panerai any day!

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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Got my first Kelek chronograph,unusual subdial and date positions ( what a way to justify a new watch purchase!!! we the people of WUS are creative huh ).

    How cool is that:

    Name:  DSC07741 (Small).JPG
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    Name:  DSC07731 (Small).JPG
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    Name:  DSC07695 (Small).JPG
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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Quote Originally Posted by bubba48 View Post
    A truly outstanding watch. Congrats
    Thank you buba48. I was quite pleased when I found it. It's amazing what you can find in the bay.
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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Today...1936 18ct solid gold Longines Cushion watch..... Best to all, always, Scott

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    Re: Vintage WRUW February 2015

    Wearing one of my new to me favorites today:
    Early 50's Helbros, along side is one of my favorite cars from the fifties: 55' Chevrolet Nomad, too bad it can't be adult size,
    so this is the next best thing
    Name:  finchfoto 50's helbros.JPG
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    Name:  finchfoto 50's helbors 2.JPG
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    A good day/evening to you all!

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