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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    Zenith El Primero A782 (
    1500 were made in 1971)
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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

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    Thumbs Up Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    Cauny Prima?

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    Step by step i will be there.

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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    Speed-Timer friday

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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    Omega Constellation f300 198.0034

    Name:  IMG_8645.JPG
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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    My quartz-regulated 'hummer' with a fresh battery today. 1974 BULOVA Accuquartz, quartz-regulated-tuning-fork-watch, the very, very last step before the pure quartz watches.

    Bulova was fueling the race between the stage coaches and the trains for a last time. To come out with something quick, they have based the movement cal. 224 on the existing cal. 218 of the Accutron (pure tuning fork).

    They did not want to change the index wheel with it's 320 teeth, and had a problem insofar, as the Accutron tuning fork was swinging at 360 Hertz = 1,296,000 vivrations per hour. In the Accuquartz, the frequency of the now passive tuning fork was regulated by a standard quartz (32.768 Hertz / 2 by the power of 15), which was electronically divided by 32 and then by 3 = 341 1/3 Hertz.

    Now what? With that different and very odd frequency at the start, and an index wheel with 320 teeth at the end (turning the hour hand once per hour), what do you do?

    An easy one for Bulova: Put different wheels with/pinions in, between some you keep as they are, like (=wheel teeth/pinon teeth) - center wheel 60/10, fourth wheel 56/8, third wheel 48/7, second wheel 48/6, index wheel 320/6

    (60 x 56 x 48 x 48 x 320) divided by 8 and by 7 and by 6 and by 6 again (leave out the pinion of the index wheel) which comes out to 1,228,800


    341 1/3 x 60 x 60 = 1,228,800 as well

    Got it?

    This is not the 'dream-version' of this watch, which is the one with the divided (differently colored) dial and the fork and the diamond at the 9 o'clock position, but in extremely good condition. Furthermore, what's always a problem when I am looking for a vintage watch which needs the original wristband band – this one is long enough.

    Anyone with the diamond version around?
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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    I rarely wear this, because it's hard to set the day and date. this time I decided to wear it anyway, even with the wrong date

    Name:  20180105_142056.jpg
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    Name:  20180105_144013.jpg
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    and now, for some terribly off-focus pics of the movement
    Name:  IMG_20180105_125441_835.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20180105_125503_791 (1).jpg
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    Quite a lot of numbers there
    This appears to be ETA 2638 (2638 under the balance, 24226 on the bridge)
    rotor has 23j 200768 engraved

    this movement is listed at ranfft as "auto, day, date quickset" but I'm unable to find a second position of the crown to quickset anything. It looks as either it's broken, or the only quickset is achieved through running from 20-00 to 1-00 and back

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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    Today a French-made 34mm Benrus Custom 60 from the 1960s.

    It’s proving reluctant to open for the usual movement pic, but from an earlier successful attempt I know it to be powered by the 13j LIP R148 electronic job.

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    Re: Vintage WRUW January 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by MrDagon007 View Post
    I added these two. Comments are welcome.

    The Eterna's great, but the FL is a Bombay Special.
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