Vintage Zenith Transitional Piece

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    Vintage Zenith Transitional Piece

    Hi, I bought this one about 6 months ago and would like some additional information about it if possible.

    I have also posted this in the Zenith forum, but would be interested to see your opinions also!

    I was told that it was 1920's, but would like to pinpoint it more accurately, if possible. Any additional information regarding it would be greatly appreciated

    Pics "borrowed" from previous owner (Hope you don't mind!)


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    Re: Vintage Zenith Transitional Piece

    I don't have a list of Zenith serial numbers (maybe Hartmut does). However my sources say that by 1920 Zenith had made 2 Million watch movements. That would date yours to just before 1920 I think.
    An enamel dial is usually a sign the watch dates prior to 1920, so that makes sense.

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    Re: Vintage Zenith Transitional Piece

    Well, the same post appeared on the Zenith forum where I have just left a detailed reply. What strikes me here is the almost total lack of jewelling and gold plating on the movement! Zenith usually made rather better watches (cheaper versions were marketed under such names as Billodes). Either a watch made when times were hard (WWI?!) or made for export to a country with high import duties for highly jewelled watches IMO.

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