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Hi guys.Anyone knows something about this watch? Year, movement, and does it appears original? Thanks.
Pin-levers with chromed brass back were back then the cheapest watches ever (plastic not yet common). So nobody would pay for a redial or any other upgrade, and if the dial is not glued to the movement, and fairly fitting, you can be sure that all except the straps is original.

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But this movement ( roseba) is 1 jewel and this one is 15...Am I wrong?
Many movements were produced with varying jewel counts, and as these data are nowhere recorded, I can only mention jewel counts I've seen in data sheets or in the real world. After having seen your movement, I'll add the 15 jewel option accordingly. The good news: With 15 (real) jewels your watch is not yet the ultimate bottom end. There makers printed the numbers 17 or 21 on the dial to pretend an according jewel count, but left out the word "jewels". Or they pushed cheap cap jewels (no hole) into holes in the plates, which allowed them to print a high and correct jewel count on the dial.

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...but isn't that movement from 1980? And this watch should be from 1940?
Yes, the example in my archive is from ca. 1980. But this means not that all Roseba 8 movements were made in this year. After the style I'd date your watch to the late 50s or early 60s. But consider that makers of such watches had to care for low costs, and could not follow every fashion trend immediately. Once designed, a model was made for many years.

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