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    Vortic Watch Company

    I realize these guys aren't news to many of you but i'd never heard of them until their adverts started showing up on Facebook recently.

    I liked the idea of repurposing old pocket watch movements and recasing them into wristwatches (something I do myself on occasion) and took a look at their website.

    Jeebus Krist, $2,000 for movements I can buy for $50 or less on eBay (and which I probably have several sitting in a drawer)? Sure, it's in a nice titanium case, but titanium doesn't cost thousands of dollars.

    I searched and saw many supportive posts about these guys here on the forum. What gives? Am I the only one who thinks this is a naked cash grab?

    Maybe I should go into competing business :) I can make my own for a fraction of that.

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    Re: Vortic Watch Company

    There are a few companies out there doing the same. I remember seeing one from the UK, I think. They find American pocket watch movements, fit them in a wrist watch case and sell them at some very high prices. Are they getting the movements from people who sold the gold cases? Some are, but most are just making money off of people who think that movement in a wrist watch is better than the pocket watch. Suckers
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    Re: Vortic Watch Company

    Personally I think they’re just abominations, leave the pocket watches alone.


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