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    Vulcain Automatic HELP!!

    I just received this Vulcain Automatic, PLEASE help with any identification info.

    I opened the case, recorded the movement, polished it up, added a new band, & put a new crystal on it. I'm asking if anyone has any details on this watch. The movement is an automatic, marked "NOU" (??), with the numbers 1700701, 17J, and the case is a base metal marked Hong Kong.

    I'm only finding info on the Vulcain Cricket, not much on any other Vulcain models. Who manufactured a movement identified as NOU?

    It really cleaned-up nice and has kept very good time since I got it out of my mailbox this afternoon.

    Please let me know if anyone has any information on this watch, such as the manufacture date, the watches' quality, and just any information.

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    Re: Vulcain Automatic HELP!!

    Pics Pics Pics... of the movement! The NOU will identify the importer into the us. See Dr. Ranfft's site for a list. But the movement will give us an approximate date.

    Vulcan made a number of watches but hit a home run with the Cricket which was an actually effective alarm watch. This auto looks to be a 60's or 70's watch.
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    Re: Vulcain Automatic HELP!!

    Hi John,

    I guess there is written 1700/1701 or 1700/01. AS used to stamp the numbers of two or even more variants of a calibre on the base plate, and your movement is an AS 1700:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: AS 1700

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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