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    Wakmann chronograp help


    I am new to the forum and pretty new to watch collecting. I have a Wakmann triple calendar chronograph which I love. it has a black dial with white registers. I have been wanting a panda with either a silver or white dial. My dream chrono would be a Breitling Top Tim 810....but can't afford one of those anytime soon.
    I bid on this particular watch and didn't win, but was offered a second chance by the seller since top bidder did not pay. It has the panda dial that I'm looking for but have never seen a Wakmann like this before. Any input would be appreciated, as to whether it looks original or not. Any red flags seen. I did notice the metal is thicker than most around the crystal...could it have a bezel at one time? also it does not say "Swiss Made" like my other Wakmann. The seller said it was from his late fathers collection. He does not know how to open the back to see the movement. It starts but does not stay running.
    ....oh and it is about $1000.00
    I would appreciate any opinions.
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    Re: Wakmann chronograp help

    If it's not running properly and you can't get a shot of the movement then that could cost you alot of money. A proper service on a chronograph runs at about 400AUD at my watch guy - and that's not replacing anything - maybe the mainspring...
    Can't tell much from those pics...Case looks like its had alot of polishing - other than that who knows without detailed pics of dial and movement?
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    Re: Wakmann chronograp help

    Irrespective of the watch, those "second chance" deals from ebay seem somewhat fishy to me at times. I was once bidding on a Heuer for my wife
    once, got "outbid", and I'd say no more than a minute after the auction ended, got a "second chance" at the closing bid price.
    I think they're intentionally bid up to a point, (shill) with the hope of making a later sale.
    Anyway, $1K seems a bit much for this seemingly overpolished watch.
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    Re: Wakmann chronograp help

    Yep, one way or the other, you'e looking at dropping some notes onto this baby. As previously mentioned, a typical chrono service in the US seems to be around and at least $200, assuming that it 'only' needs to be cleaned and lubed. So given that it looks a bit over-polished and you don't know much about it, I'd be cautious at $1K.
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    Thanks for the input!
    I decided to take a pass and hold out for a Better watch.
    I feel thankful that I had the 24hrs to think it over and get some advice. If it were the heat of the moment and I was the high bidder instead of the second highest, I'd have spent $1000 on a watch I had no business buying!

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