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    came across this on the bay,nice looking and all, but a little concerned at the way waltham has been applied to the movement, seams a bit "hinky" to me, your opinions would be welcome
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    Re: waltham

    It almost looks like someone ground down the train bridge, and was trying to deepen the engraving by hand. Or possibly they swapped the bridge plate from another watch, and wanted it to look right. The import code on the balance cock is correct though. It's an "international product of Waltham of Chicago", dating sometime after the final collapse of the original Waltham Corporation in 1959. This one is probably from closer to the 70's, based on the "numbers" on the dial, but I'm no expert on that.

    Bottom line is that at best it's a generic swiss movment imported by a company that used the Waltham name as a marketing tactic. At worst, its a frankenwatch composed of parts from different watches that used the same base movement
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