Waltham alias Hallmark
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Thread: Waltham alias Hallmark

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    Waltham alias Hallmark

    Got this nice watch today (dial is meanwhile positioned correctly). Even as a hardcore Waltham collector (pocket watches), I did not know that Waltham came to the market at some stage under the brand name ‘Hallmark’.

    When the company went into difficulties and during their restructuring efforts in the 1950ies, Waltham opened offices in New York City to import Swiss movements and cases. Their main creditor, the Restructuring Finance Corporation, did not allow Waltham to sell watches directly and under their own name, so they were forced to create this independent company called Hallmark Watch Company (Corporation?).

    Nicely running watch for it’s age, meanwhile I have cleaned the case and polished the acrylic crystal.

    It says 10K R.G.P. (Roll Gold Plated Bezel) on the back, which is a layer between gold filled and gold plated on the lower end, which would put it into the medium price range.

    The case was made by I.D. Watch Case Company, New York, registered 1936 and operating from 1935 to 1960 (their 'i.d.' logo is listed on Mikrolisk).

    Does anybody have some infos about the movement? I am also wondering about the marking 'YOU' on the movement.
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    "YOU" is the US import code for the Hallmark Watch Corporation.

    The movement is from FHF, a cal. 170 or variant, see below:

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: FHF 170
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    The list of US import codes in Ranfft lists only one watch brand under the code YOU- Hallmark Watch Corp (Louis Aisenstein & Bros, New York).
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    Ranfft Watches, US Import Codes

    YOU - Seen on the balance cock is for the Hallmark Watch Corp. If it was Waltham it would have been WXO. If there is a connection to waltham it would just be ownership of the name.

    I could be wrong though.
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    Thanks to all for the valuable infos. It get's one full rundown (no more without service) and a nice place in the collection, now adequately described.

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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    All the American PW "Hallmark" movements I've seen have been Illinois.
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    Not quite. Yes, in 1956, Waltham opened up an office New York in order to import watches, which were then retailed through Hallmark Incorporated. Not sure if that's the same company as Hallmark Watch Corp. These are the facts as presented in WALTHAM PRECISION INSTRUMENT COMPANY, Inc., et al., Petitioners, v. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, in 1964:

    Waltham Watch Company, a Massachusetts corporation, had been a widely known manufacturer of watches and clocks for many years in Waltham, Massachusetts. In 1956, it ceased manufacturing watches there. It opened an office in New York City and began purchasing watch movements from Switzerland and watch cases in both Switzerland and the United States, and to assemble such watches.

    6 In 1956, petitioners Joseph and Melvin Axler, and others associated with them, acquired control of this corporation. They were officers and directors and formulated and controlled the policies and practices of the corporation. In the same year the Massachusetts corporation licensed Hallmark, Inc., to use the trademark 'Waltham' on watches sold by it in the United States.

    7 About July, 1957, Waltham Watch Company, by means of a 'spin-off,' transferred its watch business to a new Delaware corporation which adopted the same name. Its office and principal place of business was in New York City. Joseph and Melvin Axler were officers and directors of the Delaware corporation and controlled its operation.

    8 The Massachusetts corporation was renamed Waltham Precision Instrument Company, Inc. It continued in business in Waltham, Massachusetts, engaging in the manufacture of various precision instruments, other than watches.

    9 In 1959, Waltham Watch Company of Delaware was merged with Hallmark, Inc., under the name of Waltham Watch Company. The offices were transferred to Chicago, Illinois. At that time, the Axlers terminated their association with the company.

    10 Most of the advertising and labeling shown in the proceeding record was disseminated during the existence of the Massachusetts corporation as the Waltham Watch Company, and while under control of the Axlers.
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    Wow! Interesting story and great research. Sounds like if I want a real Waltham ,sort of, get a pre 1956 model.
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    Re: Waltham alias Hallmark

    Hi Rob,

    Quote Originally Posted by AbslomRob View Post
    ...which were then retailed through Hallmark Incorporated. Not sure if that's the same company as Hallmark Watch Corp.
    Likely it was the same. This watch in my archive
    bidfun-db Archive: Wrist Watches: 105: Gents Hallmark/Wyler Automatic, Up-Down Display, ca. 1950
    proves the relation between Hallmark and Delaware, both involved in the Watham decay.

    The signatures tell a complicated story: The movement was made by AS, finished by Wyler, ready with the Delaware signature, imported by the New York office of Wyler, and finally encased by Hallmark, in a case from the American Case Co, made in Hongkong. I guess there is no other watch where a bigger part of the whole watch world was involved in. Only Japan and Russia are missing, but I admit, I didn't check the origin of the dial.

    This reads of course as if the watch was cobbled together from the junk box. But all components are rare, strange, an not interchangable with any others. So I guess, the biggest junk box in the world can't provide all these parts.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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