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    Waltham ID

    Hey everyone,

    I was at a local museum today and noticed an older pocket watch that made it's way from the south to Canada (Southern Ontario). The museum knows the origins of the watch im just wondering if anyone can tell me more about the specifically. I dont expect it to be anything spectacular as it belonged to an escaped slave.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. The dial is marked AM Watch Co Waltham.


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    Re: Waltham ID

    Well, the "American Watch Co." was created in 1859 (following the merger of "Appleton, Tracey & Co" with the "Waltham Improvement Corporation"), and kept that name until 1885 (that's when they changed it to "The American Waltham Watch Company"). The dial you show is a simple single-sunk dial in the "Canadian" fashion (i.e., with 24hr markings instead), so I'd assume the slave obtained post-escape to Canada.

    Beyond that, it's hard to say. Mens pocket watch dials weren't exactly known for their dynamic flair, so pretty much all dials look somewhat alike, regardless of what the actual watch is. So there could be a cheap 7j movement in there, or a higher quality 15j movement.
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