Waltham Model 1898 parts needed

Thread: Waltham Model 1898 parts needed

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    Waltham Model 1898 parts needed

    Could anyone help please with pallets for a 1923 Waltham Model 1898, 6/0,7J.
    I have the pallet bridge but no pallets.
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    Re: Waltham Model 1898 parts needed

    You're looking for part 26088 (I'm assuming it's a single roller balance). Your best bet is to troll eBay for uncased movements...this one, for instance: 6 Vintage Wrist Watch Movements LOT Waltham Elgin Gruen | eBay

    The 1912 model is mostly the same parts as the 1898, but not all so be careful with that.
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