Waltham Model 1908 Produced 1913
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Thread: Waltham Model 1908 Produced 1913

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    Waltham Model 1908 Produced 1913

    I have an old Waltham pocket watch that was given to me by my grandmother. She had it for a couple of decades before it fell into my hands. I guess the story goes something like this: My great-grandfather (her father-in-law) was a car mechanic in small-town Iowa. A customer of his came in during the 1930s and had his car worked on. He gave this pocket watch to my great-grandfather as collateral for the work, saying he would return with money and reclaim his timepiece. He apparently never did, and the watch has been in the family since then. It came to me when my grandma saw me eying it at Christmas a couple years ago. Thanks grandma!
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    About a year ago, I took this to a local watch repair shop to see if I could get it running again. The watchmaker called after a week saying the parts were no longer available and as a result, it wouldn't run again. What do you guys think? I know it's missing the winding stem and crown, but that's it.

    Serial number: 19107399
    Movement: Waltham 23 Jewel Vanguard, Adjusted to 5 positions

    Based on that information, I know it was produced around 1913 and that it's a size 16 pocket watch. But I have yet to see a dial design like this one online, and I'm not sure what to call the case design. Hunter?

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    Thanks everyone!
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    Re: Waltham Model 1908 Produced 1913

    An excellent watch. This is one of Waltham's higher-grade 16 size movements. I've seen the same dial style on another example recently, along with this style of hands.

    The case is a swing-out type, open face, not a hunter.

    A good watchmaker should be able to source a stem and suitable crown for the watch. Other parts may be harder to find if required, but can generally still be had with a modicum of searching. In fact it's not a little remarkable just how many parts for so many US movements can still be sourced, even in NOS condition. Parts movements can also often be gotten to donate parts, but that can be pricey with the higher grades. This watch is well worth getting running again, both for its inherent quality and the family history.
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