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    Waltham Riverside wrist watch

    I came across a Waltham Riverside wristwatch. It appears to not be working. It is in a 14k gold "Harbor WC Co" case. From what I have gathered it is a 1934 model (29 million serial number). Trouble is I cant seem to find any others like it. To me it looks like a bigger ladies watch but it belonged to my GP...rectangular ,just shy of an inch wide, probably 1.75 tall. I have seen others with a seconds dial, but this one dosent have that.

    I cant seem to find any infor online about "Harbor WC Co" either. I was wondering if it was an offshoot from Fahys when they moved to Sag Harbor??
    Any information you all could share would be a great help. Thanks!

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    Re: Waltham Riverside wrist watch

    Please post pictures. Harbor Watch Case Co, Inc. was located at Jermain Ave, Sag Harbor N.Y.
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