Watch adjustment varies geographically???

Thread: Watch adjustment varies geographically???

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    Watch adjustment varies geographically???

    Okay, I'm NO watch expert, but I was reading a listing on Ebay for a pocket watch, and the seller offered to adjust the watch for best operation in the geographical location of the buyer. Surely regional variations in magnetic & gravitational fields shouldn't affect an otherwise well adjusted high quality movement, should they???


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    Re: Watch adjustment varies geographically???

    The biggest one would be temperature, I think. The temperature of the watch differ, on average, for a watch that's being used by a dog walker in Winnipeg then for a lifeguard in Florida. The split metalic balance was subject to errors in the middle of the temperature range, so you'd probably need to adjust the balance to compensate for the average temperature. These days, you'd also use a different grade of oil; one the performs better in high or low temperatures.

    Not sure what else you might need to do.
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    Re: Watch adjustment varies geographically???

    What do I know? I wouldn't expect a pocket watch to be strapped to a dog sled during the Iditarod races or keeping time soaking in a hot tub in Death Valley. They're pocket watches - more than likely being carried in someone's pocket when not stored indoors, presumably somewhere near room temperature. I doubt the temperatures are going to be all that different for the watch regardless of where one lives. Pressure, altitude, humidity, magnetic variation. How much affect does any of that have on a movement? And what's the acceptable daily variation for the movement anyway? We're not talking about some high end quartz movement here - it's a pocket watch, perhaps even a vintage pocket watch?

    Seems like some meaningless eBay speak...

    Besides, I'd want to know when the watch was last serviced properly, not that someone just moved the regulator on way or another.

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    Re: Watch adjustment varies geographically???

    Hi Tim,

    I would ignore this, to be honest. I don't seriously think that it means anything. I've not heard of geographic location altering how well or how poorly a pocket watch keeps time. As Michael says, what's important is whether the watch works and whether it's been serviced recently. Since it's a POCKET WATCH, it sits inside your POCKET all the time. That being the case, the temperature is generally constant (37C; human body-temperature). So geographic location will most likely have no effect on it at all.
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    Re: Watch adjustment varies geographically???

    One of the ways I see if a vendor is a liar is see if he lies... this guy does. This puts into doubt everything else he says.
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