Watch fault, possible diagnoses needed

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    Confused Watch fault, possible diagnoses needed

    Some of you may have seen my post of my very nice Kody where the lug snapped when I was fitting a new strap to it. Well I just got hold of a "dead" KODY which I'd hoped would enable me to recase it. Unfortunately it was about 1.5mm to small for the face, but as it was cosmetically excellent I turned my attention to the movement, a very dry looking 1950's ETA 1080 series. There is absolutely no resistance at all when winding, so my thought was a broken mainspring. However, when I then reset and advance the hands a little the watch will run for 5 or 10 seconds at a time, and will restart in the same way if I advance the hands a little again.

    As the number of trustworthy watchmakers round here can be counted on the fingers of an earthworm I would need to send it away to be fixed, so I'd like some idea of what the potential faults might be.
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    Re: Watch fault, possible diagnoses needed

    Could be that the hands are slightly touching, probably the centre rather then the edge, or even if the minute hand or hour hand are not placed right on the shaft.

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    Re: Watch fault, possible diagnoses needed

    If there's no resistance when you wind, then yes its probably a broken mainspring. The watch "runs" when you advance the hands because the friction of the canon pinion acts as the motive force, starting the balance running. It then runs until the momentum is gone. That it runs for 5-10 seconds means that the train and balance are in great shape.
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    Re: Watch fault, possible diagnoses needed

    You could also be looking at something as simple as the winding arbor in the center of the mainspring is worn and/or unhooked. I lot of times a broken mainspring will wind slightly and then you can feel a jerk and hear a "slapping" noise.

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