watch ID #3 - Hard to find maker, mechanism

Thread: watch ID #3 - Hard to find maker, mechanism

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    watch ID #3 - Hard to find maker, mechanism

    Finally, I can't find this maker or any reference to "parachute compensating curve" either. Some number markings on back, as well as an "FJ" and a tiny impression that looks like it says "Argent" with a small shield. 1.93" across.

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    Re: watch ID #3 - Hard to find maker, mechanism

    A middle 19th century ... I would have thought it Swiss and not English... I don't recognize the hallmarks. But 'argent' is French for sliver, if I remember my 8th grade French correctly... It was once a grand movement but rust seems to have attacked it. Restoration will be expensive.
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    Re: watch ID #3 - Hard to find maker, mechanism

    You have got a very interesting movement here.

    The 'parachute' is the earliest form of shock protection (invented by Breguet). This is essentially a spring mounting for the balance staff jewels. If you notice, the jewel mounting is at the end of a circular spring.

    The 'compensation curb' is an early form of temperature compensation. Here, the curb pins are mounted at the end of a curved piece of metal (this is visible over the balance spring). Changes in ambient temperature, therefore, change the effective length of the balance-spring.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: watch ID #3 - Hard to find maker, mechanism

    Definitely Swiss. Dates probably from 1840-1870. John L Williams was probably a London watch merchant or jeweler.

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