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    Watch identification

    Name:  watch.jpg
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Size:  128.3 KB This is my mother's watch, which I have just lost. I can see no manufacturer name and I can't remember if there was anything on the back. I would like to advertise for it if someone has picked up.

    Can anyone here recognise who would have made this? I know the strap is a Bonklip, it was always talked of as being Swiss, and that my mother had it during WWII. I would be very grateful for any clues.

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    Re: Watch identification

    Since it is a WWII watch it qualifies for our Vintage Watches Forum, post moved though.
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    Re: Watch identification

    Its very sad that you have lost this memento of your mother. I think its unlikely that anyone will be able to ID it - but you never know.

    I wish you luck.
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    Re: Watch identification be honest, it looks a little later then WWII with the fancy lugs; I more tend to associate that with early 50's. Prior to the 40's, wrist watches tended more towards odd shapes (rectangular, stepped, cushion, tank, etc) and during the war itself they started moving back to simple round watches, often with wide bezels. After the war things started getting "decorative" (post-war euphoria), which is when you mostly started seeing fancy lungs. Into the 60's, bezels started to shrink and most watches were round. Some examples here: The Watch Guy: DATING OR DETERMINING THE AGE OF VINTAGE WATCHES

    That said, the style of watch you show is very very generic; I've seen examples of watches with lugs like that from a dozen or more manufacturers. Even if someone is able to show you a watch that "looks" like this one, that won't be all that definitive in the absence of any markings from the dial or caseback.
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