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    watch identification

    Hi guys i`m a newbe at this and to watch collecting in general my old aunt gave me a ladies watch some time ago and i put it in a drawer, she has dementure and although she made a big thing of it i thought it was just down to her condition but came across it recently and my newfound interest took over and thought i ought to find out more about it. I`ve never heard of the watch, it has Eme on the face and either M8 or MB imprinted on the back along with staybright, but no serial numbers, it it one to cherish or banish to the drawer again....many thanks, hope i`ve done this right...regards ..libbypuatd

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    Re: watch identification

    For any accurate help with your watch, you'll need to post clear close up pictures of the watch. Both front and back, and if possible, a picture of the movement will help greatly.

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    Re: watch identification

    Lets see if I can work with what we were given.... Staybrite was, I believe, another name given to stainless steel. The watch is European. 1940's. Round dial? Manual wind. Probably 15 jewels. Mens. Either a chrome or gold plated case?

    Fun game but honestly....I can try and guess what the lottery numbers are going to be too...with less possibility of accuracy than guessing on the watch but still. Pics do help and if you need any assistance uploading them we are here to help. :)

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    Re: watch identification

    I'd expect a Staybrite marking to indicate a full Staybrite case- not plated. That's unless there's a "Fond Acier Staybrite" or "Fond Acier Inox/(ydable)". Staybrite steel was an alloy often used in the 1930s, all the way until the 1960s, if I remember correctly.
    Mikrolisk lists one Eme, as a trademark of Montres Yra of Geneve, registered in 1929.
    Still, there's nothing to be said for sure, until we see the actual watch. The dial, the movement, both sides of the case back.
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    Re: watch identification

    Quote Originally Posted by libbypuatd View Post
    she has dementure and although she made a big thing of it i thought it was just down to her condition
    Dementia destroys memory not reason nor intelligence, although both are also negatively affected by age, so if she remembers it and made a big thing of it then it was important to her at one time.

    Whether she can remember why of course is another issue. Importance has little relation to value.

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    Re: watch identification

    Pozdrowienia dla Polski! (just sending some greetings to someone I might know). Yes, we need pictures of the watch and possibly the movement to say more.

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